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Bone Health Tips

Essential tips for better bone health

A look at increasing your bone density with both exercise and a healthy diet, along with how to prevent osteoporosis, aka brittle bones.

Mindset Tips

Maintaining your mindset beyond lockdown

A look at how to maintain a healthy mindset post-lockdown, along with a number of activities you can do as part of your daily routine.

Sleep and Exercise

Why sleep is important for exercise

March is Sleep Awareness week, so it is important to know how sleep can impact your exercise routine as part of a structured fitness programme.

Stability Balls

Why Stability Ball sizes matter

In this video, I share my advice on when purchasing Stability Ball and why it is important to have the correct one according to your height.

Home Discomfort Exercises

Top 5 Home Discomfort Exercises

A look at a range of exercises that can help you ease your pain and discomfort working from home; especially if working on your laptop or desktop.

Reflection on 2020

Reflection on 2020 by Gus

In this video, I share my thoughts on 2020 and what you need to do in safeguarding the health & wellbeing of yourself and family.

Time to Heal

Maintain your wellbeing with Time to Heal

Introducing Time to Heal, my new bespoke programme in partnership with Jenny Campbell, owner of The Guava Kitchen, an experienced well-being plant-based advisor; a new fitness, and tropical plant-based meal plan programme for people over 40.