Here are some testimonials from my happy clients.


Whilst everyone’s specific goals, level of fitness, commitment, and motivation is different, I hope that these testimonials help to inspire you with what is possible with me helping you along the way. Contact me to discuss helping you to be a success story too!:

Tom Pullen – Estate Agent Manager

Body Transformation

“After struggling for years with my weight, I decided it was time to take the big step of getting a personal trainer. I joined the gym and the first person to say hello was Gus. He seemed genuinely interested in me and I was impressed by his attention to my specific needs and goals. Every workout is a pleasure and, I never thought I would say this; I actually look forward to going to the gym! I wasted a lot of time in gyms doing the wrong things, being inefficient and Gus has changed that. My body shape has completely changed, I feel great and I genuinely couldn’t have done it without him. Even if you’re half thinking about a PT, I would urge you to get in touch with Gus.”

Start weight 16st 3lbs (2/1/18) Weight today 14st 1lb (13/4/18)

Stats: Lost 2 stones 2lbs, Body fat -8%, Body reduction 33cm all around

Name Withheld

I’d just like to say how pleased and grateful my wife and I are for all the help you have given her during your excellent fitness classes. She has Parkinson’s disease and your classes are a high point of her week. After each session, she feels good, empowered, and capable in all sorts of ways that are really inspiring.

Online Coaching Testimonial from Morton

Katie Golding

I signed up with Gus after 2 years of going the gym at least 3 times a week using weights and yoga as my usual routine. Gus is the first PT I’ve had and he quickly changed my routine. We worked on balance, flexibility and strength. I can truly say Gus worked me hard but I had so much fun, I didn’t realise I had the ability to sweat so much! Before working with Gus I thought rowing and running were the only fat burning cardio exercises available. His simple but effective circuits had my heart rate up and I felt amazing at the end of a session and completely exhausted. He is polite but motivational and always professional. Thank you Gus

Sandra’s goal was to look good for her holiday. 

Graeme Thomson

“Gus has helped me enormously with my fitness and general wellbeing over recent years. He combines an unusual mixture of competencies; he has a very deep knowledge of nutrition, his skills about the body and exercises are deep seated and well honed. He is a charming man who combines his skills perfectly. I look forward to my sessions as I come away having an intensity I could not otherwise match myself, with a range of activities that balances ability to achieve excellently against my competitive nature, so I feel both progress and challenge. My only regret is that I travel a lot with work and my programme is rather haphazard at times, but Gus is always there with advice and a friendly smile. He is number 1 for me!”

Richard’s goal was to improve his general fitness.

Elaine Laurence -Teacher

“Gus inspires and motivates with his enthusiasm and desire for his clients to achieve top results. He listens and tailors workouts to clients’ needs. He has a wealth of knowledge and has changed my eating habits by 80%, leading to weight loss and better health. Gus is always upbeat and his great sense of humour makes the sessions fun as well as very effective. He is an A+ trainer!

Jade Skates

“Once I had started training with Gus everyone commented on how well I looked and how quickly I was losing weight, what I did not expect was how good I felt and how addicted I had become to exercise. Gus hit every nail on the head and knew exactly what exercise I need to do to get the results I needed. I was so pleased with what Gus has done for me, he even gave me a meal plan, no easy feat for him considering I am a carb-hungry vegetarian!!! What was a shock was that straight after my wedding I fell pregnant!! Having severe polycystic ovaries I had always thought that I would need help conceiving, but it turns out all the lifestyle changes Gus implemented for me actually increased my chances of falling pregnant – and I didn’t even know!!

Rosalind Hermanstein

Gus has helped me target my problem areas as well as improve my overall fitness. He gives relevant advice on improving your eating habits that will assist with your desired weight loss. If you take Gus’s advice and put everything into your sessions, you will see results- just like I did.

Online PT Testimonial from Stella

Hassan Sheikh-Massage Therapist

Thank you for the PT sessions and your suggestions for my lifestyle changes…I lost 2kgs in the space of 6 weeks and have managed to keep it off! I have better stamina, endurance and even my cholesterol has gone down! I can do my job even more effectively. Thank you so much!

Sue Mahoney – Owner of Shimmi Shake

I started to take up Personal training with Gus after I had “lost my way” with training. Gus came highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed. After a relatively short time, I became strong in mind as well as body and my entire shape changed. At 45, I had the body that I was once again proud of! Thanks, Gus…forever in your debt!

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