Both Exercising and a good balance of diet & nutrition eating are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy

It is easy to get confused about what constitutes good nutrition and what is really “bad.” Not only are they overwhelmed and frustrated with all the conflicting nutrition information on the market today, they (and probably you) just do not know where to begin. Pick out the top 5 nutrition mistakes that you may be making, change them, and make an adjustment!

  1. The Sugar Rush
  2. Artificial Sweeteners
  3. Carbohydrates…and the BAD name
  4. If it says Processed…Avoid it!
  5. Dehydration

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Lifestyle’s Optimum Nutrition

I can provide a thorough breakdown of your current diet and advise on adjustments to ensure your body is getting its optimum nutrition.

This will help you to control your body weight, boost your energy levels, and fire up your immune system.

Proper nutrition is important. I understand that during the weekend or on special occasions enjoying a few drinks and dining is inevitable. But I’ll provide you with the knowledge and habit tricks to help you make the best choices.

I am serious about helping you take charge of your health, fitness and nutrition so that you can Be Your Best!