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Maintaining your mindset beyond lockdown

Having a healthy brain or mindset is important as we age – so it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through eating nutritious foods and keeping fit in or out of the gym.

Mindset Tips

It has proven some activities you can do to keep your brain healthy beyond as part of your weekly routine you to prevent you from experiencing brain related health problems later on in life:

Playlist for your brain

Whether you are business professional, student, or professional athlete – whether it is soul, r&b or indie, etc., music can improve your brain health.

By creating a playlist of your favourite artists, can help manage any anxieties, stress, or cognitive disorders you may experience and bring happy memories for you, along with help you relax.

According to AgeUK, both music and singing can help dementia patients unlock memories; along with kick-start the grey matter – by reaching parts of the damaged brain in ways other forms of communication cannot.

Refuel your body

Like a car, your body needs to refuel when running low on energy; in relation to brain health, it is always essential to ensure your body gets correct nutrients as your brain counts as 3% of your body weight, therefore you must ensure your diet consists of vitamins and minerals for all cellular activity.

If you are feeling low on energy, you cannot function and even lose focus – hence it recommended that you factor in snacks such as nuts or seeds into your daily foods intakes and in terms of drinks consider smoothies.

With nuts and seeds, nutritional experts recommend them as they contain A-linolenic acid and polyphenols (plant chemicals) brain health as reduce brain inflammation illnesses such as Depression.

Have a wind-down routine

If you have been training hard in the gym, like your brain you need to allow your body to rest – have a routine of winding down activities in form something that will not challenge your brain such as washing up, thus helping you get enough sleep.

Even having positive thoughts can be a part of your wind-down routine to energize you and help to open you up to alternative possibilities.

Mind & Body Exercises

By incorporating either Yoga or Mindfulness, alongside your heavy-duty weight training or resistance training, are great exercises for keeping your brain healthy.

A recent study revealed that Yoga could have positive effects on your brain function given the focus on slow breathing that helps stimulate the valgus nerve resulting in an anti-inflammatory effect.

As for mindfulness, an activity that is becoming popular within the corporate environment has shown to lower anxiety and increase neurogenesis, which helps form new brain cells.


Nowadays you will see many people running whether it be during day or at night – this could be because they planning to do an endurance event such as the London 10k or the New York Marathon.

Either way, running is a great for boosting your brain health, if you in your 30s as your brain will slow down, thus you need to some to keep it mentally strong.

Stay making your healthy brain now

By making time for any of these activities part of your daily routine can reduce any symptoms before you reach your senior years.

Listening to music, you found this activity very popular with the senior generation – from my personal experience; one of my older clients in their 70s loves to listen to their Soca music everyday as it brings back wonderful memories and still do the dance moves.

Given we are gradually coming out of lockdown, time will tell whenever we go back to old routine, brain health is something that everyone will see as important and will take part in some form non-physical activity to keep their brain healthy for longer.

Should you need any support or advice get in touch with me.