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Best exercises to improve your posture

If you want to greatly increase the condition of your spine, posture, and tone-up those stubborn spots, it is important to do a range of exercises.

Resistance Machines

Top 10 Resistance Machine exercises for a toned look

In this issue I am going to give you my Top 10 resistance machine exercises and show you how in 6 weeks you can transform those sagging triceps and glutes to muscles that you will be proud of.


It’s time Detox again?

A look at detoxing after Christmas and the techniques to get fit in the New Year.

outdoor fitness

Why outdoor exercising is good for you

With winter is behind us and the clock has gone forward, the days are longer and we have much more time to play; in fitness terms, this means we can pause your gym memberships to pursue interesting outdoor activities.


Top 5 Detox Foods for your body

Recently overindulged? Feeling sluggish? Or just not looking your best? Maybe your body needs a detox. There are 5 foods to help cleanse your body and give you a energy boost.


How to boost your metabolism

If fat loss is your aim and long for a speedy metabolism, there are a number of foods you can eat to achieve this.


Bromley Mind Community Wellbeing Project

Together with Bromley Mind, we have come up MIND YOUR OWN BODY – a programme exploring the relationship between mental health and exercise.